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    Small Groups

    Faith and belief are often equated with absolute certainty or extraordinary confidence, but they can also mean embracing possibility. Believe. Embrace the possibility that God is near and is teaching us something about what it means to live. The result is a reoccurring opportunity to deepen our relationships with each other, to humbly give thanks to God, and to contribute to what God is already doing through our careers, families, and service. Small groups at Sanctuary are our way of making space to listen for God and grow closer to one another.

    Small groups are an intentional way of living an ordinary life



If you're interested in learning more about a huddle, contact Pastor Mark

Huddle is an intentional, year-long group of 4-5 people committed to connecting more with one another and deepening their spirituality and discipleship. No huddle is the same, and new huddles are forming all the time!

Mark Huber  Leader

  mark@sanctuarymarshfield.org  E-mail

Men's Group


Wednesdays at 7pm in the Coffee Loft

Men's Group is pretty much what it sounds like. Men. Who get together in a group. Explore faith and life through videos, Bible study, discussions, and occasionally moving heavy things.

Todd O'Leary  Leader
Lofty Conversations


Wednesdays at 12pm in the Coffee Loft

Lofty Conversations is a quick midweek lunch break to think about some of the big ideas that surround the coming Sunday's scripture and message. It's some scripture, some food, and a built in distraction from work all mixed together.

Mark Huber  Leader
Women's Group


First Saturdays at 8:30am in the Meeting Room
Second Fridays at 7:30pm in Various Places

The Women's Group at Sanctuary has two primary gatherings: the first Saturday of the month for a time of reading, reflection, and sharing and the second Friday of the month to kick back and relax. Connect via Facebook or e-mail Katie for the location of Second Fridays each month.

Cathy Chalmers & Katie McAlpine  Leaders

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  katie@sanctuarymarshfield.org  E-mail

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9:30am & 4:04pm